Full Suite of Services

As a leading OEM contract manufacturer of custom blow-molded products, Western Industries Plastic Products, LLC has developed a network of core capabilities along with our blow molding capabilities that allows us to assist customers with any stage of a plastics blow molding project. From plastics design and process engineering through fabrication to complete supply chain management. This comprehensive range of in-house capabilities uniquely positions Western Industries as a single-source provider of integrated, customer-driven services that deliver the ultimate competitive advantage. A consistent quality custom blow molded product that allows for lower overhead costs and reduced time to market.
Our Core Blow Molding capabilities have established us as a leader in large-part custom blow-molded plastics production, and we continue to expand our range of expertise with sophisticated, state-of-the-art secondary equipment.
We offer a full suite of services that include; Complex Plastics Design, Expert Plastics Process Engineering, Plastics and Components Purchasing Professionals, Supply Chain Management, Expert Logistics Management, Quality Management Systems, An Extensive List of Value-Add Services and Secondary Operations, and that’s just the start!
With over 19 blow mold heads, we produce custom blow molded finished parts that range from less than a pound to 40+ pounds depending on the design. Western Industries has one of North America’s largest selections of accumulator head equipment with 50-pound or greater shot capacity. Western Industries is equipped for large production runs and is designed to accommodate multiple-component part demands. We take pride in partnering with a diverse customer base and helping turn innovative blow-molding product ideas into marketable results. Discuss your next plastics project with the Western experts, and learn how we can help make it succeed! Contact us today! Our expert staff is waiting to answer all your questions!.

Learn How Blow Molding Works


More than just plastic bottles, Blow Molded products can be produced for a variety of industries, and are a cost effective alternative to injection molding. Just fill in your information below and we’ll send you your free checklist